Using A Physical Suggestion Box

Physical suggestion boxes are rarely taken seriously because they aren’t accessible, effective, or easy to manage. With a physical suggestion box, all employee suggestions are submitted to the same suggestion box/person and are hard to sift through.

A physical suggestion box does not enable collaboration among the whole organization in any way. When suggestions are shared only with the decision-makers responsible for overseeing the suggestion, other employees cannot share what they think is most important or collaborate on the suggestion.

Physical suggestion boxes are in no way data driven, requiring large amounts of data entry to assess in any way.

Additional Features Like Anonymity
Physical suggestion boxes do not have additional features that enhance the process of making an employee suggestion. A physical suggestion box is only a box with an intended use.

DirectSuggest Shifts Culture, Enhancing Employee Engagement & Innovation
Using physical suggestion boxes likely negatively impact an organization. Suggestions are made but hard to stay on top of, along with easily getting lost. Suggestions are also rarely effectively shared with those in positions to implement them. Both result in employees feeling as if they aren’t listened to or trusted, which decreases employee engagement, retention, and satisfaction.