Using A Web Form

How DirectSuggest Works
DirectSuggest makes it simple for employees to make suggestions on any device with the assurance they arrive to the proper decision-maker. Employees can also collaborate on suggestions through voting and commenting to enhance the quality of another’s idea. DirectSuggest is tailored for organizations of any size regardless of industry and employees in any job role.

DirectSuggest Administrators are responsible for setting up, managing, and overseeing the system for their organization. They manage Categories tied to suggestions, apply Locations/Regions linked to employees, add Employees to the system and provide them access, assign DirectSuggest Gatekeepers who oversee suggestions, and add the company’s suggestion box mission and values. They can also enable additional features like anonymous suggestions, voting/commenting, and the automated email frequency.

Gatekeepers are selected to oversee suggestions for specific combinations of locations/regions and categories. They are provided with an organized list of suggestions. Every suggestion they manage can be responded to, forwarded, or archived.

Employees can use their voice and hands-on experience to make powerful suggestions. They can make suggestions on any device, no matter their job role or location. Every suggestion includes a subject meaningful to the Gatekeeper, the Category the suggestion pertains to, attachments, and anonymity if enabled.

DirectSuggest is also technologically ahead of the curve and highly accessible with our mobile Progressive Web App available on any device. Our PWA provides users an improved and more secure experience compared to traditional native apps.

The Problems DirectSuggest Solves
In DirectSuggest, every suggestion is organized and automatically directed to the proper decision-maker responsible for overseeing the suggestion. Every suggestion can be monitored by the employee who made it, Gatekeeper responsible for overseeing it, and Administrators managing the whole system to ensure the suggestion is seen and properly handled.

All Administrators, Gatekeepers, and Employees can vote and collaborate on suggestions. The suggestions are provided in a ranked list that is anonymous. This shows what employees find most important to their organization and limits personal biases. Every suggestion can be viewed, given an upvote or downvote, and commented on.

DirectSuggest was designed to be data-driven, allowing for actionable steps to be made outside of simply making and receiving suggestions. They allow for all data to be organized and utilized in the best way possible. Every suggestion is tied to an employee, location/region, and category that is then overseen by Gatekeepers.

DirectSuggest provides Gatekeepers and Administrators analytics reports as well as the ability to export the info for further analysis using other analytics tools. This enables every aspect of every suggestion made to be highly monitored and understood.

Additional Features Like Anonymity
No other method of fielding suggestions has additional features that enhance the process of making an employee suggestion. Since DirectSuggest was designed to allow employees to positively impact their organization and change the world through making suggestions, we have additional features to ensure every company that uses DirectSuggest gets the most out of it. We studied employee suggestion programs, innovation, employee engagement, efficiency, and company culture extensively to provide as much value as possible.

We allow for suggestions to be made anonymously and provide the ability to include attachments to ensure suggestions can be perfectly articulated no matter what they regard. We also enable Administrators to select how often automated reminders are sent to employees. DirectSuggest allows for Administrators to enable these options along with having additional choices so that they can tailor the system perfectly to their organization.

DirectSuggest Shifts Culture, Enhancing Employee Engagement & Innovation
When employees feel as if they aren’t listened to or trusted, this decreases employee engagement, retention, and satisfaction. DirectSuggest enables organizations to easily and effectively field suggestions and transform organizations by making positive shifts in their culture.

By simply implementing and using DirectSuggest, organizations can be assured that their company culture will be enhanced. Employees will be more engaged and focused on moving the mission of their organizations forward. They will enjoy the employee experience more. This will result in increased innovation that not only benefits organizations but changes the world.

Priced To Impact Every Organization Worldwide
Our solution is extremely affordable at only $0.50 per-employee per-month, with incredibly high ROI/Savings potential and an average 33X return on investment.