20+ People Share The Value Of Implementing An Employee Suggestion Box Program

Riley Moore
CEO of RM4Tech & Co-Creator of DirectSuggest

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Many organizations and decision-makers are unaware of the incredible value implementing an employee suggestion program provides. If your organization is ignorant of the value, or even worse hesitant of using an employee suggestion box, your organization is missing valuable opportunities. Employee suggestion programs improve innovation, efficiency, employee engagement, company culture, cost reduction, customer experience, and employee experience.

Using a solution like DirectSuggest has been shown to positively transform organizations of all sizes, in all industries. We reached out to more than twenty employers and decision-makers to elaborate on this by sharing their experiences as well as the value in implementing an employee suggestion program.

Martin Lindstrom, New York Times bestselling author, culture transformation consultant and author of "The Ministry of Common Sense: How to Eliminate Bureaucratic Red Tape, Bad Excuses, and Corporate BS", LinkedIn

Employers and their HR professionals should not only listen to but celebrate suggestions from employees. The best way to assure that a company's practices and policies make sense is to get input from the employees on the frontlines. If their suggestion gets implemented and celebrated this holds symbolic value for other employees that their employer listens, values and responds to their employees as integral members and builders of their culture. Celebrating indirectly gives the rest of the organization permission to change.

Will Read, CEO and Founder, Sideways 6, LinkedIn

We've captured well over half a million employee ideas and suggestions, so we know that listening to employee ideas can have an immeasurable impact on organizations. There are countless benefits, from improving employee engagement, recruitment and loyalty, to reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Put simply, employee ideas make better, happier businesses.

Vivek Chugh, CEO and Founder, Listables , LinkedIn

We've actively set out to establish an underlying culture that champions open dialogue and lets the employees know they are in a safe place to voice their opinions, ideas, and concerns. One of the ways we have done this is by actively soliciting feedback, especially from the less vocal employees.

This has been extremely valuable to us because it has allowed us to create new product offerings and become more efficient and successful as a company. Employees are on the front lines, the men and women in the day to day, so if there is anyone you should be getting feedback from it is them.

Jan Jones, LinkedIn

The people doing the job usually know it best and hence will be able to provide workable solutions.

Brian J. Stearns, Ring of Fire, LinkedIn

Not all great ideas are spawned by the product and engineering teams. I saw a number of product ideas come from the customer service team members, marketing team members, lab technicians and Human Resources. It goes to prove that large companies who do not utilize employee suggestion programs are doing themselves a MAJOR disservice.

Justin Fong, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), LinkedIn

The people doing the job usually know it best and hence will be able to provide workable solutions.

Bruce Canales, Digital Marketing Strategist, Amica Senior Lifestyles, LinkedIn

I think there is a tremendous value in listening to employees for suggestions. Everyone wants to help and feel like they play an important role in the company. Coming up with ideas like this gives employees a sense of belonging.

Matthew Lyons, Director of Content, Game Gavel

Working in the gaming industry requires listening to employees because there are so many areas of virtual reality that can be explored and it is highly beneficial to elaborate off an already creative idea or example. This way we can adjust procedures to fit the general need and be more fluid with making progress in our business. We began to do this and saw huge improvement with employee communication and computer/ video game related development within our team.

By honoring employee ideas, you show them how much respect you have, which makes them feel good and want to continue working hard.

Shay Doran, Founder, Green Revolt, LinkedIn

We specialize in working with established businesses to create ethical, profitable change. Our methodology is 100% revolved around listening to employee suggestions. Businesses know ethical change is important, though when asked, most employees feel they are not responsible to create it. When in fact, they are the ones best placed to create new ideas, experiment and then implement.

If CEOs & Leaders focus on empowering these qualities within their employees, showing their suggestions are valued and acted upon, they will get results and engagement like never before.

Anh Trinh, Managing Editor, GeekWithLaptop, LinkedIn

The biggest value in listening and implementing employee suggestions is the morale it can bring to your team. Your employees will see that they aren't just tools and they'll value that you care about them to listen to their suggestions.

Morale is important and it will make sure that your employees follow you through thick and thin.

William Taylor, Career Development Manager, VelvetJobs

I believe seeking and implement employee suggestions increases employee job satisfaction as employees feel they are positively influencing their organization. So, we are always open to implementing good suggestions made by our employees.

Bottom Line: Always open to implementing good employee suggestions

Bridgette Norris, Marketing Director, EcoSecretariat

'We feel, as a team, that everyone's opinion matters and it costs nothing to listen. So even though the final decision is mine, I love to have the input and opinions from other team members.

My team is diverse because we are all from different backgrounds so we all have individual qualities and experiences. Sharing these with each other makes us stronger in our broad range of collective qualities.

I feel taking suggestions from other employees gives me the opportunity to have my mind opened to different concepts, allowing for a successful business.'

Greg Elfrink, Head of Marketing, Empire Flippers, LinkedIn

Employees' suggestions are key to our innovation and moving our business forward. I allow my directs to use 20% of their workweek to dream up new projects and to work on new ideas that they believe can help the company move forward. Some of our best stuff has come from this.

Eli Diament, Director of Azurite Consulting, LinkedIn

Employee suggestions and data are critical in these times to better understand opportunities in your business.

Liz Brown, Founder, Sleeping Lucid

I find employee suggestions very valuable especially when I encounter a new problem and struggle to go through it. Listening to your employees' ideas doesn't make you any less of a leader. In fact, I believe that it shows character, maturity, and heart--three essential qualities of a great leader.

Alexandra Marin, Co-Founder and Director of Design, CodeCrew

At CodeCrew we take employee suggestions extremely seriously and actually use them a lot. We're a full-service email marketing agency and, obviously, oftentimes the managerial team doesn't have time to review each and every single client request, so we value our employees' input immensely since they're the ones on the frontlines dealing with everything.

Joe Wilson, Senior Career Advisor, MintResume

I think reviewing, implementing and (arguably most importantly) rewarding employee ideas for process improvement is an essential practice for any business. Everyone at every level is looking to do their job more efficiently and ultimately, we all want to follow the path of least resistance.

While management can always provide overall direction, you have to trust that your employees are the SMEs in their particular function. Rewarding suggestions for best practice is also critical for raising awareness and encouraging your teams to come forward with their ideas.

Sarah Hamilton, Human Resources Director, Workhuman

Showing employees that you recognize them and value what they do is critical for engagement. It shows them that what they do matters and helps them see how their work drives the company forward. It can be as simple as congratulating teams on the company's social media platform, sending a personal note of thanks, and acknowledging their hard work in every conversation.

By putting your employees first – recognizing them, providing frequent check-ins and feedback, celebrating their professional and personal achievements – you are creating human moments that matter, unique touchpoints that will go a long way toward providing connection when the they need it most.

Polly Kay, Senior Marketing Manager, English Blinds

Listening to employees and more so, encouraging employees to share suggestions and providing channels for them to do so is vital for businesses in any niche, because there is nobody more qualified to spot an opportunity, workaround, improvement or problem that can be resolved than those that are hands on in the thick of it.

You can spend thousands of dollars on R&D and consultancies to far less effect than simply listening to employees and rewarding innovation. Yet not only do few businesses actually recognize and action this and nurture employees in this regard, but some actively discourage it, or ensure that the reaction (or lack thereof) that those who do come forwards receive makes them discount bringing their ideas forward again in the future.

This is one of the biggest issues; integrating reporting protocols and encouraging employees to use them. Too many ideas stop with the immediate supervisor of the person suggesting it, or simply aren't properly considered, and this costs businesses large sums of money that could otherwise be made or saved, for obvious reasons!

Natalie Ruiz, CEO, AnswerConnect, LinkedIn

Feedback from our employees is vital. As leaders, we are more 'learn it alls' than 'know it alls,' and understanding that each employee brings a unique background and perspective and drawing on our collective experience has helped us thrive as an organization. By creating a culture where everyone can contribute ideas and feedback, we are stronger.

Often, this suggestion box is the first indicator senior leaders may have that there is a problem to solve that front-line employees are facing.

Employees have given feedback and suggestions on everything from technology and equipment to workload and leadership. We have the suggestion box configured to send an email to senior leaders. We usually resolve or at least connect with the employee who submitted feedback within 24 hours.

Our company employs people globally and having an accessible, centrally located place for feedback ads to our open-door culture.

Shayne Sherman, CEO, TechLoris

Work was suddenly being delivered faster and of much greater quality because the business needs were being conveyed with much more clarity.

The key is that often the ones able to enact change are not the ones on the front lines where the changes need to be made. Managers need to recognize that, while they only see the end result, they may be missing the struggle that goes on getting that result delivered. If the employees doing the work have ideas of how it could be done better, you should listen. Any suggestion they have is to make their lives easier, sure, but when their lives are easier it means your product will be delivered faster and with better quality.

Corey Berkey , VP of Human Resources, JazzHR, LinkedIn

JazzHR uses employee feedback to inform almost every area of our business from operations to product development.

Listening to employee ideas like these not only sparks creative initiatives, but it also results in a more engaged workforce and increased retention. When leadership actively listens, employees feel motivated to be more productive, do their best work, and ultimately stay with the company longer.

Jack Wang, CEO, Amazing Beauty Hair, LinkedIn

As a CEO, I’ve always valued my employees’ opinions because we can always pick something sensible from them. Employee suggestions are helpful because it benefits both the employee and the company as a whole.

First, it improves employee morale, as well as their job satisfaction. And by giving employees an active role in the direction of the company, it increases their engagement. In turn, it creates better output, which helps the company in the long run.

Simon Sapper, Director of the Makes You Think Consultancy, LinkedIn

The reason why employee suggestions are often so effective is that the people doing the work will know much better than anyone else what makes a task easy or difficult. The experience of service users is increasingly integrated into planning - from IT rollouts to Intensive Care medicine. That is a path employers would do well to follow, especially in process-driven organizations who may have forgotten about outcome or mission.

Acting on employee suggestions is therefore not only good for the business in an operational sense, it is also a gateway to enhanced employee engagement which has been shown to boost productivity

Sergei Belous, CEO, UpFlip

As a leader you can’t think it's all about you and you are the only one that always has to come up with great ideas for your company. This type of mindset will destroy the morale of the employees under you. Being a great leader means you listen to and encourage employee suggestions as well as respond with excitement, support and acknowledgement to the best insights. You want your employees to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts on points of improvement and to come across as someone who values well constructed opinions that have the best interests of the business at their core.

Oftentimes employees working on the daily ins and outs of the company have a unique vision into what needs improving and this type of valuable feedback should be cultivated and collected as a priority of any experienced manager or decision maker.

Karen Oakey, Director of Human Resources, Fracture

Failure to elicit, listen or react to employee feedback is a massive failure on any organization's part.

Provide a safe pathway for employees to bring forth their feedback. Once the information is received by the organization, provide an appropriate response to the employee. Employees need to see response and action if you want true engagement and input.

There is no doubt that implementing DirectSuggest will transform your organization. No matter the industry, company size, or location of operation; fielding and implementing employee suggestions will provide incredible value.

By doing so you will:
  1. Show employees that their employer listens, values, and responds to their ideas as integral members and builders of their culture
  2. Create new product/service offerings
  3. Deliver your product/service faster and with better quality, becoming more efficient and successful as a company
  4. Gain direct knowledge of the obstacles faced by your customers and employees to spark creative initiatives
  5. Improve employee engagement, recruitment, retention, and loyalty
  6. Learn different concepts key to innovation and moving your business forward, creating better opportunities for your business
  7. Show character, maturity, and heart - three essential qualities of a great leader
  8. Spot an opportunity, workaround, improvement or problem that can be resolved by creating workable solutions
  9. Know what business processes need fine-tuning (or overhauling)
  10. Create human moments that matter by giving employees a sense of belonging through developing an open-door culture

Easily implement the #1 Employee Suggestion Box Software Application, DirectSuggest. Connect your decision-makers directly to employees and make it simple for employees to make suggestions on any device with the assurance they arrive where needed. Collaborate on suggestions through voting and commenting to enhance the value as well as spotlight the best suggestions.

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