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Our idea sharing community encourages all to participate. Write blogs, share presentations, create content, network, and more. This provides the opportunity to help others, show off yourselves and your company, as well as create and share resume building content.

Members Can Participate In:

TED-Type Talks & Slideshow Presentations

Submitted by our community surrounding various employee experience topics.

Virtual Panels, Events, Q&As, & AMAs

Various virtual occasions focused on improving the employee experience. In-person and Hybrid events coming soon.

Topical Videos, Podcasts, & Blogs

Community created content that will guide you in augmenting the employee experience.

Workshops & Book/App/Tech/Tool Promos

Teach other members of the community hands-on and promote what you're working on with the community.

Slack Channel

Engage with members of the community about employee experience topics and network with like-minded people.

Job Fairs

Virtual Job Fairs that are free to participate in. In-person and Hybrid Job Fairs coming soon.

Learn About DirectSuggest

DirectSuggest Brings Any Organization Closer Together By:
  • • Making it simple for employees to share suggestions on any device
  • • Enabling everyone in the organization to collaborate on suggestions
  • • Assuring suggestions always arrive to the proper decision-maker

$0.50 Per-Employee Per-Month | Free 30-Day Trial | No Contract

DirectSuggest Roles:

DirectSuggest organizes every suggestion by two-dimensions (i.e. category and location/region). Gatekeepers are assigned to each of these identified areas, and DirectSuggest automatically sends suggestions to the correct person.

Administrator – Administrators are an essential part of the DirectSuggest process. The Administrator sets up and maintains the system as well as having several ongoing responsibilities. Included are maintaining Employees, managing Categories, maintaining Locations / Regions, and overseeing the Gatekeepers.

Gatekeeper – Gatekeepers act as the evaluators of the suggestions made by your company’s employees. The Gatekeepers should be close enough to the employee making the suggestion to understand its value yet central enough to the organization to make sure those suggestions arrive on the proper desk for action.

Staff – Staff share front-line ideas and suggestions from hands-on experience on any web or mobile device to improve aspects of your organization. Collaborate with others through voting and commenting on other suggestions made.

Onboarding Process:

Setting up DirectSuggest is easy using Excel CSV (.csv) files. Simply export your current employee database, set up a category list, identify the gatekeepers for the company, and DirectSuggest is ready to go.

  1. Import or add Categories.

  2. Import or add Employees. If Locations / Regions are included in the Employee import .CSV file then that table will also be populated.

  3. If Locations / Regions were not defined in the Employee import file in step two, they should be added now. This is not recommended. The preferred method is to include Locations / Regions in the Employee import file.

  4. Verify and update the Gatekeepers for the Categories and Locations / Regions combinations.

  5. DirectSuggest is ready to use and suggestions can be submitted, send announcements to the users with their login information.


DirectSuggest Is $0.50 Per-Employee Per-Month

Priced To Impact Any Organization No Matter Their Budget

Our Goal Is To Increase Innovation & Engagement Through Enabling 1,000,000+ Employees In Organizations Worldwide

When building our business and developing DirectSuggest, we wanted to provide a pricing point where there is no hesitation for any organization to find incredible value using our solution.

DirectSuggest is calculated on a per employee per month basis. The first thirty days are free and you will not be billed until the end of the second 30 day period. You can cancel any time in the first 30 days and you will be charged nothing.

DirectSuggest does not store any credit card information. All credit card data is stored by our PCI DSS secure payment processor, Stripe.

Rate Calculator

Use this calculator to determine what the monthly fee will be for DirectSuggest. Enter the amount of employees that will be using DirectSuggest. The monthly rate will then be shown in the table below.

We have also included a very conservative monthly Savings/Revenue ROI projection below. The projection is based on studies surrounding Toyota's and Technicolor's highly successful employee suggestion programs. We determined this calculation by assuming each employee offers 2 suggestions per year (Toyota's offer 9 each) and the savings or revenue increase is only $100 per suggestion per year (Technicolor's is $3000).

Number of Employees:

Monthly Rate:

**Monthly Savings/Revenue:

* Pricing subject to change.

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